Wido de Marval

Born in 1977 into a family whose values are enriched by art, travelling and the discovery of the different cultures of the world, Wido de Marval has evolved in a world of painting and art collection.
His mother is of Celtic origin, eclectic and active in the fields of health and Scottish politics. His father is a Swiss who also enjoys travelling. He is an expert in many cultural domains and is co-author of many exhibitions of Asian culture in Switzerland and France. Wido thrives in an artistic milieu, surrounded by works of art.

From childhood, he has heard stories of journeys and has learned of Hinduism and Buddhism from his adoptive grandmother, the painter Adélaïde Verneuil de Marval whose husband, Maurice Pillard-Verneuil was not only a painter but also an important leading figure in the the Arts and Crafts Movement. Their 11th century house was a paradise for the young man, bowled over by the quality of the art works already there and acquired over the years.
During a voyage of initiation in 2018, Wido de Marval, already specialised in tattoo art and in Japanese culture, spent one year discovering many islands of Indonesia and the South Pacific. During this time, he spent a few months in Hawaï where he rented a studio and painted evey day, teaching himself to master the techniques of oil painting.
From the outset, his instinctive style followed that of the aesthetic Swiss School of Art of the late 19th century but with a distinct touch of modernity.
Being ever conscious of the nature of his own humanity, avid observer of human nature and particullarly fond of resolutely figurative depiction, he strives to achieve a pictorial image of his subjects.
Every aspect of nature is cause for study and for reflection. Wido is enamoured by trees and mountains and is fascinated by their complexity. Inspired by the infinite possibilities of this approach, Wido continues his journey of exploration into the mystical and spiritual dimensions.

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